the jar company | st. augustine

just try it, seriously, their jam is the jam. i suppose the fancy way of putting it is “artisan preserves”, either way, let me introduce you to the jar company. they make local artisan preserves that are just delectable. fun fact: my husband and i met this rad couple in birthing class back when i was pregnant with baby j. carolyn, co-owner / wife to stephen, went into labor at our house after dinner one night! we got to practice all we had learned in birthing class while timing her contractions! nonetheless, the next day they had their adorable baby girl evelyn (now she’s almost one)! since then we’ve been good friends (obviously). back in the belly days, carolyn and stephen introduced us to their idea of starting the jar company. after all the meals they had cooked for us, how much carolyn loves julia child, and how often they talked about food, my husband and i both agreed that them starting a business was a must. take it from me, they’re foodies, and they know what they’re doing in the kitchen. it’s been so wonderful seeing their progress this past year – from taste testing recipes, to designing their logo, to collaborating with them on photo ideas, and, not to mention, watching their sweet baby girl grow, i can say it’s been an honor working with such creatives. so proud and excited to share these photos with you. enjoy! oh, and i have these four delectable jars available at the shop for you to purchase. come try for yourself!


canon 5d mark ii | 35 mm

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