philosophie hair salon | st. augustine

what can i say about philosophy hair salon? everything! they’re amazing. just down the road from our shop, philosophie is situated on san marco avenue (whoop whoop!) and is filled with cool vibes, good hair, fun products and an awesome staff. jenna thorpe, owner and stylist (pictured below), asked me to update their head shots recently. i met the crew at a warehouse in lincolnville (if you want to know more about this awesome place, let me know and i’ll give you info). photos can always be pretty awkward, so to make it a little more awkward, i made each person hold a donut. in all seriousness, i made them hold a donut (and they weren’t allowed to eat it until the photos were done). it worked out perfectly because a. donuts make people smile b. they were confused as to why they were holding a donut, which made them laugh, and c. that sweet smell made them sigh, drop the shoulders, and loosen up for the camera. all in all, the shoot was a blast! i’m excited with how the portraits turned out. enjoy and check out philosophie if you haven’t been there yet!


canon 5d | 35 mm

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