brandis + tim | decatur wedding

not kidding, one of my favorite weddings. ok so let me back up here. brandis used to be the manager on my volleyball team in college, although we called her my “towel girl” because i literally sweat like 3 gallons of water per match. every time i would dive for a ball (which was infrequent because i hated back row), a huge slime streak would reside on the floor, until brandis cleaned it up! ok, so that’s how i know miss, now mrs. brandis! she called me up a few years ago and asked me to shoot her wedding. when i congratulated her and simultaneously apologized for not realizing she was in a relationship, let alone engaged said she said, “oh, i don’t even have a boyfriend, but when i do you’re shooting my wedding.” so now you see, this girl is just awesome and always on her a-game. i’m so thrilled that i was able to shoot her wedding in decatur, georgia. i got to meet her stunning fiancé, tim, the day of the wedding and he is just as amazing as brandis. in fact, his entire family had us laughing the whole day! his family even joined in on the mother/son dance with a surprise flash mob, choreographed dance (which was quite entertaining)! one last thing and then i’ll shut up and let you scroll down and see the photos. my absolute favorite part of the wedding is that brandis’s dad got to be there. they weren’t sure if he would make it to the wedding due to certain health issues, and he did! just wait until you see the first look he had with his daughter (i could cry). props to my second shooter, mallory ward, who made sure i didn’t go into labor, took some great shots, and had my back the whole day!

• • •

canon 5d | 35l, 85l

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