betsy + dalton | kansas city wedding

betsy and dalton, y’all. it’s hard to find words to describe how special this wedding is, because this girl is so dear to my heart. i had the privilege of growing up with betsy’s family in kansas city, and man, the best childhood memories came from spending time with the blessen family. including the time they stormed into my room banging pots and pans at 5 am to kidnap me for a surprise birthday outing at krispy kreme donuts. heart of gold, family of gold, and dalton, well he fits right in! i’m obviously biased, but this wedding definitely makes my top 5 list. i hope you enjoy the photos, and get ready to see a bride mooning her bridesmaids during her dress reveal. yep. that happened. enjoy!

• • •

canon 5d mark iii | 85 l, 35 l

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