the strickland family

leather german overalls, ice cream sandwiches, and avilles street? yes please! what a great time shared with the strickland family last week! katrine contacted me for a family shoot and i was super excited to pair these awesome german outfits with the perfect backdrop of cobblestone roads in downtown st. augustine, for that old world feel. the ice cream sandwiches, which made for a great prop, totally cooled off the kids in the 90 degree weather, too! katrine is working on a super cool app that organizes your personal photos and thoughts and stores them – think like a treasure box or a scrap book, but on your phone! it’s called soulments, and it will be released soon! so excited for her endeavors, and happy i got to meet her and her sweet family! enjoy the photos!

• • •

canon 5d mark iii | 35 mm

baby rosie | newborn

guys. really, i think this is my favorite newborn session yet. all the stars aligned for this shoot, and even more, for this sweet carolyn rose, aka, rosie! welcome to the world, sweet baby! brittany and sean, welcome to parenthood. it’s the best thing in all of time.

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canon 5d mark iii | 35 mm

jamie + royce | st. augustine engagement



these two! man, i try to convince all of my clients to do a sunrise session, and these two were brave enough to accept the challenge! with the sun rising over the fort, it was a no-brainer to get that back lit gleam for their engagement photos. i love jamie, because she walked into my studio knowing exactly what she wanted: photos at the fort and a vine wall. the fort was a piece of cake. the vine wall, not so much. the famous one by casa monica (all you photographers out there know about it), had been hacked off when we pulled up! fortunately, we had a back up vine wall on orange street close to downtown. i am so happy with how all the images came out and excited for their venture as husband and wife in the near future! congratulations, love birds!

• • •

canon mark iii 5d | 35 mm

maggie + geoff | st. augustine wedding

old florida themed. stunning bride. handsome groom. kind people. white trolley. kumquat arrangements. magnolia avenue. river house. st. augustine. talk about a beautiful wedding in every aspect. congratulations, maggie + geoff. you made my job hella fun that day.

• • •

canon 5d mark iii | 85 l, 35 l

amy | maternity

um this stellar yogi mama is amazing! amy owns a local yoga shop, 8 limbs boutique, on the island in st. augustine. this is her third baby and so she knows how to rock pregnancy, but i mean come on, she’s gone way above and beyond (you’ll see when you scroll down and check out all her amazing yoga positions). i had a great time photographing these fun yoga poses along with her family who joined us later! congratulations, amy!

• • •

canon 5d mark iii | 35 mm

geoff + maggie

love these two! geoff and maggie are having an ‘old florida’ themed wedding so we decided to take their engagement photos at the foot of the lighthouse with all the beautiful greenery and the shrimp boat dock near downtown st. augustine. both locations were stunning, but my personal favorite was the shrimp boat dock, mostly because it was such a unique setting: rustic metal, weathered wood, and calm waters. i am so excited to be apart of this lovely couple’s wedding in late spring! congratulations and enjoy!

• • •

canon 5d | 35 mm

navy grace’s nursery reveal

designing my daughter’s room has been such a fun project for me. i wanted her room to feel sophisticated, warm, alive (hence all the plants) and something she could grow into (we can do without pinks and purples for now!). the inspiration for the entire room came from the idea of painting a mural on her wall. i knew i wanted one accent wall navy, after all, that is her name, and some type of “nap time botanical” as the mural. our little florida neighborhood is filled with kumquat and magnolia trees, so that’s how i chose the plants—plus those pops of white and orange are so fun! i used acrylic paint (ew…not a fan) on the mural and that took couple months of short painting sessions here and there, mostly while jensen napped (which means i’ve held true to my “nap time botanical” theme). i’m really not sure how long the entire project took me, but i am happy with how it turned out. really! y’all know patterns and colors is new for me – usually everything is white! the rest of her room (which is white) pulled together quickly after the mural was finished. we had most of the large pieces of furniture from jensen’s nursery including the crib and rocking chair while the dreamy white bookcase came from my childhood home! we salvaged the gold mirror when we bought our cottage and the bar cart (as a makeshift changing table) was a fun addition to the room because za and i have been wanting one for awhile (once she’s potty trained, there will definitely be liquor on that cart)! all of the decorations / fun knick knacks were given to navy from loved ones. i hope you enjoy the photos (below the photos is a list of shout outs)!

bar cart : joss + main

gray glider : west elm

letter board : letterfolk co

organic cotton crib sheet : little unicorn

wooden camera : craffox kids

unicorn stuffed animal : land of nod

letter “n” : anthropologie

hanging planter : ikea

floor planter : west to east

blue + white checkered swaddle : declaration & co

pacifier : natursutten

rose pacifier clip : ryan & rose

gold polka dot changing cover : land of nod

wooden rattle : bannor toys

edison bulbs : world market

navy felt bins : land of nod

moccasins : minnetonka 

large scale oil paintings

it all starts with a photo (which is one of the many reasons i love my job – i get to work with so many mediums)! the gordon family hired me to photograph their two girls, meya and ananda, with the idea of transforming the photographs into large scale oil portraits. oil paint is one of my favorite mediums, and faces are one of my favorite subject matters (those of you who know me and my even me project would say “no doubt!”), so this project had me all googley-eyed and happy! the oil paintings are each 5 x 6 feet and took about 6 months to paint. i’m pretty sure “stuff you should know” podcast got me through the tedious parts of the job (who uses a 1/4 inch thick paint brush on a 6 foot painting? someone crazy). the walnut frames are built by brandy holland and, in my opinion, complete the paintings. i am a HUGE fan of where the paintings are hung: in a modern, west elm-ish, art-lover’s home in st. augustine. i hope you enjoy the photos (and paintings), and please contact me if you’re interested in a project like this!

brittney + richard | st. augustine wedding

what an amazing wedding! brittney and richard decided to tie the knot on a sailboat (get it?). they had their family and close friends around them on the matanzas river overlooking downtown st. augustine. the sun set just after the ceremony which made it that much more dreamy. their wedding was by far one of the most intimate weddings i’ve been to, and i’m so happy i was able to be apart of it! congratulations, you two! enjoy the photos!

• • •

canon 5d | 35l

brandis + tim | decatur wedding

not kidding, one of my favorite weddings. ok so let me back up here. brandis used to be the manager on my volleyball team in college, although we called her my “towel girl” because i literally sweat like 3 gallons of water per match. every time i would dive for a ball (which was infrequent because i hated back row), a huge slime streak would reside on the floor, until brandis cleaned it up! ok, so that’s how i know miss, now mrs. brandis! she called me up a few years ago and asked me to shoot her wedding. when i congratulated her and simultaneously apologized for not realizing she was in a relationship, let alone engaged said she said, “oh, i don’t even have a boyfriend, but when i do you’re shooting my wedding.” so now you see, this girl is just awesome and always on her a-game. i’m so thrilled that i was able to shoot her wedding in decatur, georgia. i got to meet her stunning fiancé, tim, the day of the wedding and he is just as amazing as brandis. in fact, his entire family had us laughing the whole day! his family even joined in on the mother/son dance with a surprise flash mob, choreographed dance (which was quite entertaining)! one last thing and then i’ll shut up and let you scroll down and see the photos. my absolute favorite part of the wedding is that brandis’s dad got to be there. they weren’t sure if he would make it to the wedding due to certain health issues, and he did! just wait until you see the first look he had with his daughter (i could cry). props to my second shooter, mallory ward, who made sure i didn’t go into labor, took some great shots, and had my back the whole day!

• • •

canon 5d | 35l, 85l