Secret Garden Market

Calling all Creatives! Visionaries! Makers! Trailblazers! Trendsetters!

We love you and your wares. We admire your passion and your keen eye! Now here’s your opportunity: We are opening applications for our ✨Secret Garden Market✨ The spring time sister to our Moonlight Market.

Here’s what we’re looking for: our Secret Garden Market is a muse of renewal and romance. She’s all flourishing and fluorescent. Sound like you? Perf! Do you offer a unique craft? A special talent? Even better!

Bring us your pastel pots! Your cottage core vintage! Your delicate flowery orchestrations! Your plant dyed products! Your sparkling trinkets! We want you all abloom for our Secret Garden Market.


The Secret Garden Market will be held April 2, 5-9pm.  Applications are open through January 24th. Apply Now