My studio is located in a historic home, originally built as a traveler’s lodge, in 1908. Renovated in 2015, the bottom floor of the building is now home to my studio and restaurant called Sunday, while the top two floors are a residence. Two of the original, wavy glass windows were salvaged from the front of the house and moved to my studio wall, so when neighbors and visitors are enjoying their French press and breakfast, they can look through the windows to see inside the studio. if they happen to come on a “studio day”, they’ll see me painting in action, which is very fun! If you haven’t been, it’s quite the experience.
While I would love to be at the studio on a daily basis, during this season, I’ve dedicated my time to homeschooling, but you can usually find me painting on the weekends, and all of my originals and prints are available to purchase through the restaurant. If you need to book an appointment, please reach out.
73 San Marco avenue Saint Augustine FL 32084,
Hours: 9 am - 2 pm daily