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Kid's classes

I am thrilled to open my studio door to your budding artists!

One of the main goals of the Budding Artist is to emphasize process over product. As a society, we tend to focus on end results, and I believe that creating art is more about the act itself. I have had students spend the entire class mixing paint because they’re so enthralled with the color they’ve created, and I value that experience and exploration over walking away with a “perfect” piece of art.

We as artists are on our own journey. Learning how to love the process of creating at a young age can inspire us to use the creative side of our brain when we’re older.

The budding artists classes are intentionally small. Intimate group settings create a welcoming environment for students to engage and feel comfortable. We offer classes for ages 6-8 and 9-11. These one hour classes are offered in six week sessions during the fall, winter, and spring.

summer workshop | ages 4-5


summer workshop | ages 6-8


summer workshop | ages 9-11


summer workshop | ages 12-14


A gift that keeps giving. The budding artist class truly expanded my daughter’s creative spirit and natural love for art. Little did I know that it would also cultivate a form of self therapy that grounds my daughter and empowers her daily. We could not be more grateful to have Jenna and her beautiful studio in our community!

- Sunny

We have been so grateful to have our 6 year old study with Jenna and her team. They do a wonderful job guiding these young artists to express their creativity and see the world through the lens of art. I highly recommend this amazing studio!

- Brittany

My daughters have LOVED their Budding Artist classes with Jenna! My youngest (6) has had the best time exploring art, while my oldest (11) has gained such valuable skills and experience to help her grow as an artist. Jenna and her team are so supportive, encouraging all the kids to express and be themselves.

- Erin

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